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Episode 6 LIMEN out Monday September 27

featuring Martin Tielli, Meg Remy, Ryan Driver


Klaus wanders the town of Mexico, Maine like a tramp. He is taken in by a dark, enigmatic figure.

episodes released biweekly (total 8)

each episode features a chapter from the book with select songs from the album


CAST (in order of appearance):

John Southworth – Klaus
Janine Theriault – Mrs. Gheradini
Claudia Dey – “Van Leer” spirit
Francis Nicholson – Lost Child Of The Railroad
Tamara Lindeman – E. Van Leer
Veda Hille – “The Far East” spirit
Robin Dann – Wanda Rose
Luka Kuplowsky – young Klaus
Daniel Knox – Longfellow
Devon Sproule – “The Green Angel” spirit
Rusty Keeler – motel manger
Ryan Driver – Willy “Silly” Simon
Sam Allison – "Nabokov"
D.A. Meeks – “Underground Cinema” and “Rialto” spirit

Feurd Ian Robertson – library security guard
Meg Remy – “Limen” and “Wandersee” spirit
Martin Tielli – Bill Barc
Frankie Figliomeni – waiter
Travis Stokl – bank teller
Andy Magoffin – tramp
Cory Bruyea – tramp
Felicity Williams – member of “The Wan”
Thom Gill – Don Wan
Phil Melanson – thin man






out OCTOBER 1 on Tin Angel


songs by John Southworth

performed by Venuti String Quartet

arrangements by Andrew Downing

produced by Jean Martin & John Southworth

Singers (in order of appearance):

John Southworth

Tamara Lindeman

Robin Dann

Felicity Williams

Daniel Knox

Martin Tielli

Ryan Driver

Thom Gill

track list:


Elevated vision   

Van Leer   

Silver film canister

Courier pilgrim             

You are what you dream

Lost child of the railroad                

Real the reel


Sarcastic fisherman           

Underground cinema

Mexico Maine           

My people          


Love's Magic                                             



92-page e-Book with audible

illustrations by David Ouimet

out NOVEMBER 1 on Sud de Valeur Press



MARCH 2022 / Paradise Theater, Toronto
























































copyright 2021 by John Southworth



A few years back I had this dream: I was walking through vast grasslands towards a solitary hill. On top of the hill was a movie house. On the marquee: History of Jazz

I kept thinking about it. What was in the movie house? Why was I going there? Why “History of Jazz”? To reach some kind of insight, I began a film script, extending the dream tenfold. The script morphed into a novella-sized book, a series of songs, and finally, a “mind-movie” podcast, forming this labyrinthine, multi-medium story – equal parts dream, film and waking life.

Figuring out how to transcend the traditional parameters of the album to create a more panoramic story-vision is something I’ve been unconsciously trying to do for some time. I’ve been pushing against the edges – toying with narrative, characters and visuals with Easterween and Niagara, a weird children’s book Daydreams for Night – but the scope of life behind Rialto felt too irrepressible and expansive to be boxed in an album. The book and podcast have kicked open the doors – allowing the album to lead or serve where it should.

In Rialto’s extended narrative, Klaus (loner, insomniac) is working a stint as a driver for a small town writer’s festival. Following a series of unsettling paranormal events, he finds himself agreeing to a strange request – to deliver a film reel in time for its premiere at a secluded movie house – the Rialto. The journey leads him through a circuit of strangely located, oracular movie houses, screening a mix of dreams, fantasies, memories and prophecies – numinous films of personal revelation. Inhabiting the movie houses are underworld characters and spirits with ambiguous motivations, some helping and some hindering Klaus’s quest. It’s a Dantesque, deep cleanse pilgrimage to untangle bitterness and trauma, rediscover a lost clairvoyance, ancestry, and ultimately, the medicinal source of eternal youth. A metaphysical noir. A hyperstition.

Rialto’s album stars seven singer-artists playing characters alongside mine: Tamara Lindeman (The Weather Station), Daniel Knox, Thom Gill (Owen Pallet, Beverly Glenn-Copeland), Ryan Driver (Jennifer Castle), Felicity Williams (Bahamas), Robin Dann (Bernice) and Martin Tielli (Rheostatics). All Toronto-based like me except Daniel (Chicago). Performed by the Venuti String Quartet with arrangements by Andrew Downing. Produced by Jean Martin (Tanya Tagaq).

Each of Rialto’s eight podcast episodes features a chapter from the book performed by a cast of twenty five – made up almost entirely of musicians – including the speaking voices of the aforementioned singers, as well as Meg Remy (U.S. Girls), Claudia Dey, Veda Hille, Devon Sproule, Luka Kuplowsky and others. Rialto is available as a 92-page e-Book (illustrations by David Ouimet) November 1 on Sud de Valeur Press. Premiere performances begin early 2022.

Happy Rialto listening, reading, watching, dreaming –



John Southworth.