South Seas archival 04-20 (Sud de Valeur 2020)

1.Don't let me down

2.I loved my girl

3.Second childhood

4.Sing on John Clare

5.Cemetery by the sea

6.Adventure of Erich Korngold

7.Old bean

8.Barefoot college

9.New forest horses

10.Oak champagne

11.White flowers at night

Miracle In The Night (Tin Angel 2019)

1.Adopt a highway

2.The Luddite

3.Pure song of the children

4.No inner mission

5.Miracle in the night

6.Red velvet curtains


8.Half way up the mountain

9.Nocturnal mailman

10.I loved my girl

11.Just before dawn

Small Town Water Tower (Tin Angel 2016)

1.Blue sleeves

2.Ain't got time

3.Champion of love

4.Lucid love

5.Make no mistake


7.When the angel

8.Main library at Goodwood

9.Walk with me

10.Sapphire spirit

11.Second childhood

12.Last passenger pigeon in Ohio

Niagara (Tin Angel 2014)

Canadian side

1.Niagara Falls is not Niagara Falls

2.Fiddler crossed the border

3.The horse that swam across the sea

4.Ode to the morning sky

5.Folk art cathedral

6.Butterfly shadow

7.Women are disappearing

8.Irish tree alphabet

9.Where the mountain makes the clouds

American side

1.Hey I got news for you

2.Weird woman

3.If it doesn't please the gods

4.Pretty angel girl

5.Poor boy from Buffalo

6.Womb of time

7.Halloween election

8.A day in the forest

9.She is my Niagara Falls

10.Help yourself to diamonds

11.Loving you

Album of the Year 2014 - Rolling Stone (Germany)

Album of the Year 2014 - National Post (Canada)

Album of the Decade - Falter Magazine (Austria)



Failed Jingles for Bank of America

& other U.S. Corporations (Sud de Valeur 2012)

2.chevy runs deep
3.fee @ faust
4.super elderly demog
6.kaiser post protection
7.one more anti-aging mule
8.love is here to gm 09
9.sexy heart
11.best foog john
12.best ffog janine
13.don't you forget about mephisto
14.luvs fecal hallucinatory
15.visa teen mix2
16.october xmas



West Coast Persona '98 EP (Sud de Valeur 2012)

1. Spies On The Beach
2. Cathy Grew Up In London Town
3. It's Not About Us
4. The Things I Do On Earth
5. Last Place On Earth


Easterween w/Andrew Downing (Sud de Valeur 2012)

1.Nip It In The Bud
2.Morbid Fecundity
3.Falling In Love With The Old World Again
4.Sweet Virgin Of The Lake
5.Innocence Is King
6.Queen Lear
9.Robert Kirk Is In His Lighthouse
10.Sylvia Of The Trees



SPIRITUAL WAR Cassette Tape (Sud de Valeur 2011)

1.Hunger March
2.White Peasant Wine
3.Falling In Love With The Old World Again
4.Tramps Of St. Petersburg
5.Poor Vacation Town
6.All Aboard On The Sweet Jersey Shore
7.The Poor Of My City
8.One Winter Rose
9.Who's The Girl In The Mirror
10.Bag Lady Of Hawaii
11.The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Singer Songwriter
12.Community Service



Human Cry (2010 Barnyard / 2018 reissue Tin Angel)

1.You Led Me To Believe
2.River Of Tears In Everyone
3.Sadness Came Back
4.Day Of The Dead
5.Tender Mountain Eyes
6.Human Cry
7.The Kiss
8.Heaven Was Always Here
9.So Glad It's Finally Spring
10.You Look So Good This Evening
11.Precious Metals
12.I'm A Bell




Mama Tevatron (Dead Daisy 2009)

1.First Of May
2.Buffalo City Hall
3.The Champagne Lady
4.Trust The Voice Of Love
5.I Get It Now
6.Beautiful Spirits
7.Bon Vagabond
8.Seven Wonders



The Pillowmaker (Sud de Valeur 2007)

1.Life Is Unbelievable
2.Holy Mackerel
3.The Pillowmaker
4.Eyes Are The Flowers
5.Idiot Village
6.Pineapple Shoes
7.We Can Live Life
8.Totem Pole Telephone Pole
9.River Rations
10.Moon On Fire
11.Paint Your Little Pebbles
12.Seashells And Bluebells
13.Field Town Morris
14.Sail The Rails Railroad Sailor
15.Public Mourner
16.Bygones Be Bygones
18.River City Girl



Yosemite (Parkdale Records 2005)

1.General Store
3.Simple Simple Boy
4.Make The Time For Your Girl
5.Small Country Airport
6.Money Doesn't Grow On Trees
7.Baby Water Lily
8.Fall-Colored Girl
10.Gentle Giant
11.Pug Ahoy
12.Old-Fashioned Rivers Of Rhyme



Rose Milk Appalachia EP (2001)

1.veto valvolene
2.millionaires everywhere
3.stand by your masses
4.(spoof the spoof)2











Banff Springs Transylvania (Perimeter 2000)

1.The Sea Or The Ocean
2.Flood Of Feminine
3.A Day Doesn't Go By
4.If You're On To The Moon
6.Only A Bunny
7.I Want You To Take Photos Of Me Crying
8.Idle Idol
9.The Little Dolphins Of Lake Superior
10.The Northerner
11.Banff Springs Hotel
12.Cat Mountain (with Mary Margaret O'Hara)
13.Sunday Brunch Buffet








Sedona Arizona (Water Street 1999)

1.Stand By Your Masses
2.Same Old Same Old
4.Cute Girls Gay Guys
5.Old Soul
6.Veto Valvolene
7.Millionaires Everywhere
8.Sedona Arizona
9.To Never Confront The Ones You Love
10.Spoof The Spoof
11.Claire Clairmont
12.Farma Pharma Farma













Mars Pennsylvania (Bar None 1997)

1 Man If We Could Surf Forevermore
2 Balloons
3 It's Not the End of the World
4 Girl on the Moon
5 American UFO
6 Now That I'm a Railroad Boy
7 Happy Birthday Mister President
8 Pumpkins
9 Freak of Nature
10 Oh Golly Oh Goo Oh Gee (I'm in Love)
11 Buster Keaton
12 Let's Jazz All You Young Aliens
13 This Halloween I Go as Me
14 My Poor Suburban